**May 2017: Launch of Anaesthetic Crisis Handbook. Check it out: anaestheticcrisishandbook.com**

**Feb 2017 Update: I have launched my Finals Notes site. Check it out: anzcafinalsnotes.com**

I wrote these notes based on the ANZCA syllabus for Introductory Training.

I had a hard time finding textbooks which covered the basic concepts and practicalities of starting out as an Anaesthetic trainee. The information i found was collated from all over the place, including journals, The Oxford Handbook, CEACCP, and old notes from my ACEM primaries.

Perhaps using my notes might save you a bit of time:

Intro Training Notes (pdf file)

I’m sure there will be some errors which i’ve missed. If you let me know in the comments I’ll update the document.

I have also included some cheat sheets I’ve made over the years. These can be helpful when starting out on different rotations. Please find them here.

The reward for passing the IAACQ is to start thinking about the ANZCA Primary Exam. Welcome to the escalator of training! But perhaps my other website could help: anzcaprimarynotes.com. It contains all the resources i created & used to pass the ANZCA primary exam.

Enjoy, and happy(ish) studying!

Adam Hollingworth

(P.S. This resource can also be found on the WellingtonICU.com education website. An excellent place for all things ICU! I also highly recommend their drug manual as the single most useful thing for any Reg working in ICU!)

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